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The Number One Rule in Dosing Medical Cannabis

dosing medical cannabis

Proper Dosing is Key to Cannabis Medicine's Success. Some of our Patients come to our center because they were not instructed properly on how to take their medicine. One of the safest ways to begin taking cannabis medicine is to start with a low dosage and go slow. This mean 2.5mg at a time.

Start low, go slow.

Why do you need to start on a low dosage and go slowly? Because you need to see how your body responds to the cannabis. You and your doctor are evaluating how the cannabis is interacting with the conventional medications you may be taking.

Starting low and increasing slowly is important because cannabis moves through the body differently for each person. The AMOUNT of cannabinoids your body produces, the ENZYMES that your body produces that break down the cannabinoids and the HEALTH of your cannabinoid receptors will ALL effect how cannabis will work in your body.

Remember, plants are not like synthetic medications, CONSISTENCY is the key to progress. If your doctor recommends you take your medicine 2x’s daily and you take it once it will not work the way it was intended. The same can be said for topical formulas.

Repetition and consistency are key to the success of the medicine. You want to be consistent with your dosing medical cannabis as guided by your physician.



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