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Maintaining Our Optimal State of Wellbeing

medical cannabis plant medicine

Nutrition, plant-based medicine, and lifestyles with medical cannabis are things we can incorporate into our daily lives to maintain our optimal state of wellbeing. Most people don’t think about the fact that we live in a self-healing, self-regulating organism. Most of us go to doctors and expect a ‘magic pill’ or the instantaneous solution that’s going to magically cure us.

The truth is that our lifestyle and mindset contribute heavily to how well our body and brain will function in the current day, and in the future. The human body is miraculous when you consider simple facts; like that you can cut your hand, and within a day or two it starts to heal all on its own. If we can apply this logic to other areas of our health and wellbeing, we can start actively working with our physicians and asking questions about ourselves.

Questions such as, “How is this medicine going to help in my body’s natural healing process?”, “How is this medicine or processing assisting my body in activating, fighting, or eliminating harmful issues?”

We all need to be an active participant in our good health and wellbeing in both sickness and in health.

Throughout these posts I hope that we will be the platform you will turn to for the current and up to date information and research on medical cannabis, plant medicine, nutrition and lifestyle that will help you live your best life of optimal health and wellbeing.



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