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The Best Time to Take Your Cannabis Medicine

cannabis medicine consumption time

When is it the best time for you to be take your cannabis medicine to make it work more efficiently and effectively for you? If the doctor tells you to take your medicine two or four times a day, people get a little confused. Do I take it with food, not with food? Before I eat, after I eat?

If you are taking your medicine in the form of tinctures, you want to wait 10 to 15 minutes after you take the tincture before eating or drinking. Waiting to eat or drink can allow the medicine to more efficiently absorb.

Another important thing you need to do with your medical cannabis is to set yourself a daily schedule. Let’s say you’re taking your medicine four times a day, you might choose to take it before breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed.

Hypothetically, you might be preparing for dinner and start nibbling on some food. Don’t panic. Take your medicine anyway. It is more important that you take your medicine at the time that you scheduled, so that you have enough hours in between dosages and you get all your dosages in the day, than taking it on an empty stomach before you eat.

Let’s just review: if you want your medicine to have the opportunity to work more efficiently, you should take your medicine an hour before you eat an hour or on an empty stomach. When you take your medicine, you want to wait about 10 to 15 minutes before you start eating or drinking, but above all else, make sure that you schedule the time to take your medicine, even if you have already eaten.

Taking your medicine regularly is the best way to evaluate how well it is working for you. You can always work on the timing of taking your medicine to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the medicine.



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