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CBD Hemp Vs CBD Cannabis

CBD Hemp vs CBD Cannabis

The chemical compound of CBD is always CBD no matter what plant it comes from. However, that does not mean it will absorb or work in your body in the same way as cannabis CBD. CBD hemp vs CBD Cannabis is not a correct way to compare; the compound provides the same benefits for the body.

Let’s say you want chicken soup, but all you have is the chicken and heated water. Is that going to be the same as having the other crucial ingredients such as salt, broth, pepper, celery, carrots and noodles?

Let’s say the CBD is the chicken without the other ingredients in the cannabis plant to support its function and absorption. As a result, the CBD may not be able to accomplish its intended purpose, whether it is sleep, anxiety reduction, or regulating a disorder. How the CBD will perform depends on the cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols and other compounds in the plant. This is known as the ‘Entourage Effect’ how all the components or compounds in the plant effect how the medicine will perform. Be sure to remember this concept as we will return to it in later discussions of the subject.

Here are a few precautions and some information that can help you pick the right hemp formula for you:

If you are going to choose to use hemp CBD, it is important that you choose a formula that is organic and comes from a reputable company. Why organic? Because hemp, by nature, is designed to cleanse the soil that it grows in. As a result it pulls impurities from the earth, and you do not want those impurities in your medicine. So how do you know it is organic? It will be marked on the label.

How do you know the company is reputable?

You can request from the company, the lab testing sheet on the batch of Hemp that your bottles come from. Some of the hemp CBD formulas that you can purchase online or in stores have been tested and many of them did not even have the levels of CBD in the formulas as advertised. So please be a smart consumer.

You may also see that some companies make CBD distillates. This is when you do not have a whole plant extract. In short this means you do not have the benefit of the other compounds to support how the CBD can perform. This can be a good thing if you are building a formula with other plant extracts to create a desired effect such as aiding in sleep or decreasing anxiety or inflammation.

And lastly, when you find a Hemp CBD product that is organic with a clean lab test, you want to have other compounds to help the CBD work as effectively and efficiently as cannabis. Choosing a full spectrum CBD, or a CBD distillate that has terpenes or other plant extracts added to the formula, can aid the CBD in absorption and function of the CBD.

Without THC, which aids in the function of helping the CBD to be effective, you need another plant extract to aid in the support of the CBD’s function. There are at least 2 known plants other than the THC compound in cannabis that can bind to the CBD receptors as well as assisting the CBD in working more efficiently and effectively. Adding these plants to hemp Derived CBD can enhance these CBD formulations.



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